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Q: How much do Security Screen Masters USA security screens cost?

A: There are many factors that can determine the cost of our stainless steel security screens. The size, type (window, door, patio door, arch, etc.) and installation requirements are just a few. However, we do offer a free in-home estimate with no obligation to purchase. We also offer a FREE Home Security Inspection.

Q: How do I get out in case of a fire or emergency?

A: Each Security Screen Masters USA security screens that goes over an operable window has an ADA compliant quick release latch on the inside that you can access when you open your window. We also make them with key locks for fixed windows for easy cleaning. We know its not fun to clean windows, but our security screen swing open for easy access.


Q: Will the screens keep my pets from getting out a window or door or tear my screen?

A: Our security screens will withstand anything any domestic animal could ever deliver. A really determined dog could dull or scratch paint finishes but you don’t have to worry about torn screen mesh or mangled screen frames anymore with our security screens.


Q: Does Security Screen Masters USA offer financing?

A: We have several excellent financing options that are easy and fast including no interest loans and long-term low interest loans that can get you really low payments.


Q: Will my HOA allow Security Screen Masters USA screens in my neighborhood?

A: Most likely our security screens have been approved in your neighborhood. However, if your HOA requires approval we recommend you take the proper steps to get approval. It is the safest thing to do when making an investment like this. We can always help with the process as much as possible.


Q: What happens when Security Screen Masters USA comes to my house for a free estimate?

A: Our company representative will need approximately 30-60 minutes of your time to present samples, explain the process, measure, and estimate the project. In addition we will be performing a FREE Home Security Inspection. It is highly recommended that all interested parties be present as this is a unique product that really needs to be seen in person to fully comprehend its potential and value. You got to see it, to believe it.

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